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Shania Fillmore at NBEX 2014 by Videosphere Fredericton

Shania Fillmore was the overall Winner of the NB Young Talent Search held every year at the NBEX in Fredericton.

Alicia Moffet - Beautiful Scar (Cover by Shania Fillmore)

Such a beautiful song created by a fellow TNS alumni. She suggested doing covers of this song on insta, and I immediately got to ...

Shania Fillmore - Dreams (Official Lyric Video)

Shania Fillmore from The Next Star Season 4's new single, "Dreams". This is the official lyric video. Watch her official music video ...

Rain On Me (Cover) - Shania Fillmore & Corey Day

Stuck in quarantine and missing the ability to meet up and do some much needed singing together 🥺 here's the next best thing!

Shania Fillmore & Zack Lane - All I Want For Christmas (Cover)

Zack Lane- Twitter: @Zackarylane1 Instagram: @Zackarlane1 ...

Shallow - A Star is a Born - Cover

Cover of Shallow from A Star is Born. We're obsessed with this song! Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper were phenomenal. We were in ...

Shania Fillmore & Jd singing "No Air" DUET!

Shania Fillmore ft. JD singing "No Air"

Shania FIllmore - Big Girls Don't Cry

Maritime Idol first Semi Final with the Band (fourth season) April 25 2010.

The Next Star "Turn It Up"

To buy this song or any of the Top 6 singles follow this link!

Dreams- Shania Fillmore Lyrics

Hey Guys This is Shania Fillmores Song Dreams From The Next Star Season 4 xD Her Youtube is: ...

Shania Fillmore & JD duet: JET LAG

Shania fIllmore & Jd singing JET LAG together at their very own concert @ the capitol theatre!

Shania Fillmore

I'm a big fan of YTV's The Next Star witch is a singing competition kinda like American Idol, only for kids 15 and younger. Shania ...

Florida 2019!

A spontaneous trip to Florida leads us to live a tourist's week in sunny Orlando.

Shania Fillmore- Love Story

Maritime Idol Moncton week# 1, December 20 2009.

Merry Christmas Shania Fillmore

I made this video with my friend Cleo! This video fro Shania, is in the form of a letter at the begging and then I just went off the letter ...

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